Lunchbox charcoal rotisserie BBQ grillThe Lunchbox Charcoal Rotisserie BBQ Grill by Chickenmaster is your go-to grill anytime of the year!    It’s the perfect size for handling everything from a family dinner to a neighborhood cookout.  Watch everybody’s eyes light up as they admire the versatility of having a rotisserie and conventional grill, all in one!  Add the mouth-watering prospect of eating freshly grilled meat cooked with charcoal.  Handcrafted in the U.S. out of steel, aluminum and stainless, the Lunchbox is engineered to maximize cooking efficiency, increase tenderness and juiciness and create the ultimate barbecue experience for you and your fellow meat-eaters by cooking up the most mouth-watering barbecue you’ve ever eaten.

The solid construction is built for years of grilling pleasure.   For all you intellectual types that care about such things, here’s how the Lunchbox Rotisserie Charcoal Grill by Chickenmaster is put together:

  • Grill body and hood built from .090 gauge aluminum
  • Stainless steel surfaces (12-20 gauge) for the heat shield, charcoal basket and venting mechanism
  • Sturdy, removable stainless steel rotisserie loading arms
  • Flip-down stainless steel legs
  • CNC machined stainless steel rotisserie, components and hardware
  • High Heat process powder coated finish to 800*
  • American made motor and thermometer
  • Hand welded and assembled

Now that you’ve satisfied the left side of your brain, now it’s time to satisfy the right side…and your taste buds…patent office
and stomach…and the bunch of friends coming over for a barbecue.   The Lunchbox Charcoal Rotisserie BBQ Grill is so versatile and convenient, you can use it every day for your family, toss it on the back of your truck for the tailgate
party, or set it up at the park so you don’t have to use those gross public grills (just remember electricity is needed to run the rotisserie).   You’ll be rewarded with adoring looks from your carnivorous chums, nods of approval from skeptical in-laws and, best of all, the juiciest, best tasting barbecued chicken, ribs or beef you’ve ever devoured.


Vinnie Paul from the metal band HellYeah gives the thumbs up on The Lunchbox Charcoal Grill!  The former Pantera founder is a big fan of great BBQ, and the convenience and quality of the Lunchbox Grill is the best BBQ grill for rotisserie or conventional grilling.


You keep looking at the “Order Online Now” button down below…don’t fight it, hit that button now and soon you’ll be the envy of every barbecue buff in the neighborhood.  And we’re offering this awesome grill at the awesome price of only…


Warning: Don’t be surprised if you stop getting invites to cookouts from your friends.  They’ll all be waiting for you to fire up your Lunchbox and invite them over!


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Customize your BBQ grilling experience with rotisserie accessories

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